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Other instruments you can enjoy!

Along with unique gourd banjos, Story Gourd Workshop has something for everyone.  The 6-key (pentatonic G scale plus an octave key) kalimba is perfect for those who have never played an instrument before because you can't hit a "wrong" note.  The limberjacks are great for children young and old.  Cigar box guitars make a great instrument for those just learning to play and performers, too.

Story Gourd Kalimbas

Gazelle Kalimba

Cannonball shaped gourd body, Northern white cedar top

MSRP $99.00   Story Gourd direct price $69.00

Sahara Kalimba    
Distinct natural artistic shape, Northern white cedar top.  Largest model.

MSRP $129.00     Story Gourd direct price $89.00

Kalimba Kisses   
Candy kiss shaped gourds play just as sweetly, Northern white cedar top.
These smaller models carry great sound.

MSRP $79.00  Story Gourd direct price $49.00

Gourd-headed Limberjacks

Our Story Gourd limberjacks are hand crafted one at a time to provide you with a truly unique, quality rhythm instrument to be enjoyed by all ages.  Most bodies are made from our banjo head stocks so your limberjack will share the wood grain with one of our exclusive hand made banjos.  Made with durable performance grade quality hardwood, our specially designed gourd-headed limberjack has joints with high flexibility and whirly gig arms.  Stands approx 12” tall and includes a dancing board and limberstick!  Sold individually.

Limberjack made of apple wood.


MSRP  $99.00    Story Gourd direct price  $59.00

The Carver's Heirloom Kit

Includes a rough cut version of above item and a Flex-Cut carving knife to create your own family heirloom.

MSRP  $119.00  Story Gourd direct price $75.00

Mouth bows

A simple single-string instrument enjoyed by all.  It can be played by anyone with a mouth and a good sense of humor.

Story Gourd direct price $20.00

Cigar Box Dulcimers and Guitars

The Latakia is a handmade fretless neck, classic cbg styling, machined heads.  Electric/acoustic 1/4” input jack. 3 string design. Great slide guitar.

The Bright Leaf has the same quality and features of The Latakia but it is a 3 string dulcimer stick.

The Latakia MSRP $469.00

Story Gourd Direct price $297.00

The Bright Leaf MSRP $469.00

Story Gourd Direct price $297.00

Hog Fiddle lap dulcimers

Teardrop shaped lap dulcimer made from reclaimed lumber when available.  3 string design electric/acoustic with 1/4” input jack.  Available in large and small.